Meet our Board of Directors Vice Chair, Chuck Bowman - August 16, 2016

Chuck BowmanAs a Board member, I am extremely proud of my association with Job Point. I appreciate the effort each staff member provides by sharing their talents and passion to enhance the lives of people they work with. I am privileged to witness the end result of Job Point’s efforts as they train students and prepare them for a job and a productive future.

When a student comes to a Board meeting and provides their testimony, explaining in their own words where they began their journey and where they are now, you quickly realize why you volunteer to help this great organization. It is a moving experience to watch someone who has struggled in their personal life be able to accomplish goals they set for themselves as they’re nurtured by the wonderful staff at Job Point.

I sat down with Matt Garrett in 2013 to discuss my appointment to the Board, and when I left our meeting, his passion and sincerity was so prevailing that I knew I wanted to be involved with the organization. Personally, I have been very blessed throughout my career to meet some wonderful people who have mentored me and helped me become a better leader. We can never claim success on our own: we succeed because we put forth the effort to be educated and become better each day. This is why I am passionate about Job Point. They strive every day to make someone else’s life better through education, hands-on job training, job placement and follow-up. As a board member, I took on the responsibility because I believe in the mission of Job Point and I have a passion to help others succeed. Job Point makes a tremendous impact on people’s lives. They help people reach their potential, even when some cannot see their own potential. Job Point brings the best out of their students and makes our community a better place to live.

Recently, after a Board meeting, my wife and I were discussing my involvement and commitment to the organization. I said that my day is always enriched after I’ve had the privilege of seeing the passion of the staff and the Board. Being able to watch the growth and success of the people they train, graduate, and find jobs for makes my support meaningful. My wife commented on how involved people in the Job Point community are, and she praised their wonderful kindness, compassion and generosity. This is why we have commitment and devotion to this great organization and the Columbia community!

Chuck Bowman, President, Monarch Title Company


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