Meet our Board Chair, Tina Workman

Tina Workman 3Almost five years ago, a friend called to ask if I was willing to serve on the board of Job Point. I said, “Who’s Job Point?”

She said Job Point provides educational services to those in need and then provides placement services for his or her employment.

“Wow,” I said.  “That sounds like something I would be interested in. Sign me up!”

Since that day, I’ve learned that JP provides a wealth of opportunities for those with disabilities; credentialed certificates for heavy highway construction, HVAC, and Certified Nursing Assistant programs; and an impressive YouthBuild program for young adults. JP is instrumental to the community because it helps people find and keep employment when they might have had difficulty doing so on their own. This means the community gains from the transition of a person reliant on social services to one who can now earn a real living to pay their bills, put food on their family’s table, and rent or own a home.

I’m proud to serve as JP’s board chairwoman this year. If you own a business, please consider JP’s Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits, which will help fund many of these great opportunities.

Tina Workman, Vice President of Accounting & Assistant Treasurer
Shelter Insurance Companies

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