Business Advisory Council (BAC)

PurposeBrenda Jones and Steve Powell

Partnership with the business community is essential to meeting Job Point’s mission. Business Advisory Councils (BAC) provide that vital link between Job Point and the business community to address:

  • Curriculum and program development
  • Workplace and business needs
  • Supports and resources for employment candidates
  • Current hiring practices and policies
  • Workforce expectations
  • Employer recognition
  • Special projects
  • And more!


Membership includes representatives of the public and private sector with a vested interest in employment issues. The recommended term for membership is three years, with general body meetings held quarterly. BAC members may choose to assist Job Point and its consumers by:

  • Conducting mock interviews
  • Providing a tour of your business
  • Meeting with consumers for informational interviews
  • Reviewing curriculum of training programs for relevancy
  • Reporting job openings and hiring trends
  • Offering insight regarding workforce expectations
  • Participating in job fairs
  • Serving as a guest speaker for employment related topics
  • Opening your doors for job shadowing or a job “try-out”
  • Assist with marketing and public relations
  • Promoting Job Point to colleagues and other contacts

Member Benefits

  • Networking opportunities with other business persons
  • Free education regarding diversity in the workplace
  • Learning about the value of employing people with disabilities
  • Utilize interns paid through alternative funding
  • Access to financial incentives for hiring individuals through Job Point, such as
  • Tax credits
  • On the Job Training (OJT) funds
  • Employee bonding
  • Obtain short-term volunteer workers
  • Access an untapped labor pool
  • Renew your passion for helping others obtain and enjoy a satisfying work life

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