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An Employment Program for SSI & SSDI ParticipantsWorking at Walgreens

Are you interested in and capable of working full time?

Do you have the skills needed for the field in which you wish to work?

If you are ready and able to work full time, we are here to help!

Ticket to Work is a voluntary nationwide initiative for individuals with disabilities offering a risk free opportunity to try working, or to increase the number of hours worked, without jeopardizing cash benefits.

SSI Recipients

Become a productive worker, earn a livable wage and maintain your health insurance. We can assess the possibilities for you to achieve steady long-term employment.   Missourians receiving SSI can earn up to $36,140 in 2014, and maintain Medicaid coverage.

SSDI Recipients

Did you know employment earnings from a 9-month trial work period will not reduce your SSDI benefit payment?  After your trial work period, only earnings greater than $1,070 per month will impact  your SSDI benefit payment.   If employment ends within 3 years, there is no need to re-apply for SSDI benefits.

Why Assign your Ticket to Work to Job Point?

  • You will be exempt from continuing medical reviews.
  • You will receive cash incentives to retain employment.
  • You will obtain long term employment support and assistance with job related concerns.
  • You will benefit from the expertise of a Benefits Planning Specialist.

Federal law extends Medicare coverage for most working beneficiaries for at least 60 months. An employer sponsored healthcare plan or Medicare Buy-In are options for continuing medical coverage, if and when Medicare is discontinued.

We are ready to serve you.  Contact us today to find out if Ticket to Work is for you!

To find the office nearest you, visit out locations page.

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