Job Point Central Headquarters/Nelwood Location

2116 Nelwood Drive, Columbia, MO Voice/TTY (573) 474-8560
Fax: (573) 474-8575
2116 Nelwood Drive, Suite 200
Columbia, MO 65202-3645

Contact person:
Jim Loveless

Map to Job Point Nelwood

Providing employment skills training in Office Technologies and Retail Sales and help finding a job.

Serving people with disabilities, economic disadvantages (through Workforce Invesment Act funds) and participants of the Career Assistance Program.

Wilkes Center

400 Wilkes Blvd, Columbia, MO

(573) 474-8560 or
(573) 449-3431
Fax: (573) 875-0619
400 Wilkes Blvd
Columbia, MO 65201

Contact person:
Gary Taylor

Map to Job Point Wilkes Center

Providing skills training help finding a job and assistance for at-risk youth.

Serving youth ages 17+, persons with economic disadvantages, people with disabilities, people on Probation or Parole and unemployed City of Columbia residents.

(660) 429-0150
710 North College Street
Warrensburg, MO 65093

Contact Person:
Eric Carr

Map to Job Point Warrensburg.

Providing construction trades training.

Serving persons with economic disadvantages and disabilities.

Community Supervision Center

1397 State Road O, Fulton, MO

(573) 592-4061 x 255
Fax: (573) 592-4067
1397 State Road O
P.O. Box 6008
Fulton, MO 65251

Contact person:
Dara Davis

Map to Job Point Fulton

Providing  help finding a job.

Serving people on probation and parole.

Job Point South

(573) 636-4002
Fax: (573) 636-8187
514 East High Street, Suite 21
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Contact Person:
Tiffany Austin

Map to Job Point South

Providing assistance for at-risk youth.

Serving youth at-risk ages 18-21.

Job Point West

(660) 815-0889
Fax: (660) 886-6676
215 East Fifth Street
Sedalia, MO 65301

3224 W. 16th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301

Contact Person:
Tammy Thomas

Map to Job Point Sedalia

Providing career planning, help finding a job and assistance for at-risk youth.

Serving persons with disabilities and at-risk youth.

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Member association of the Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
Services are fully accredited by CARF, the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission
Equal Opportunity Employer Committed to a Diverse Workplace
Job Point is proud to be a United Way funded partner Job Point is partially funded by the City of Columbia visit us on Facebook and start a conversation with us visit us on Twitter and start a conversation with us